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Explore These Sub-categories under "Fancy Shelled Pecans"
Subcategories under Fancy Shelled Pecans

Fancy Shelled Pecans

Raw, Native Halves

Tasty Native Pecans
Price:   $12.95
Size Selection:

Roasted & Salted, Native Halves

Tasty Native pecan Halves
Price:   $12.95
Size Selection:

Raw, Mammoth Halves

Fancy Mammoth Halves
Price:   $12.95
Size Selection:

Roasted & Salted, Mammoth Halves

Tasty Fancy Mammoth Pecan Halves
Price:   $12.95
Size Selection:

Pecan Pieces

Fancy Pecan Pieces
Price:   $11.95
Size Selection:

Pecan Meal

Fancy Pecan Meal
Price:   $5.95
Size Selection:

Pecan Delight

Like Pecan pies, know someone that bakes!, Give them this gift. Surely they'll bake you one. 3 lbs mammoth halves, 3 lbs native halves, 3 lb pieces, 1 lb meal
Price:   $94.95

Nutty Delight

For the Cook in your life, 2 lbs mammoth halves, 2 lbs native halves, 2 lb pecan pieces, 1 lb each of cashews, macadamia, almonds and walnuts
Price:   $94.95

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